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Posted in Darkness, Mr. Welldone, The Surface on April 3, 2012 by Mr. Welldone


Silence is indeed a useful clamor.

The stillness of a thing once living draws eyes over time.

But I cannot be still. Never still. Always moving.

You who dared think my work was finished are woefully mistaken.

I have not stopped.

I cannot be stopped.

How slowly your world rots. It tries my patience. I must be patient.

But I cannot wait.

I will beckon you further into the Darkness. I will show you that the Darkness does not exist merely within the tissues of the human brain.

What you fear in the Dark is not false.

It is there.

It is living.

Does the light give you comfort?

It should not.

They will still come for you.

Even when the lights are on.