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Silence is indeed a useful clamor.

The stillness of a thing once living draws eyes over time.

But I cannot be still. Never still. Always moving.

You who dared think my work was finished are woefully mistaken.

I have not stopped.

I cannot be stopped.

How slowly your world rots. It tries my patience. I must be patient.

But I cannot wait.

I will beckon you further into the Darkness. I will show you that the Darkness does not exist merely within the tissues of the human brain.

What you fear in the Dark is not false.

It is there.

It is living.

Does the light give you comfort?

It should not.

They will still come for you.

Even when the lights are on.

In The Dark

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It is not what you cannot see in the Dark that you fear.

It seems the masses have comforted themselves with the trite statement “people fear the unknown.” Humanity finds a strange comfort in this statement. If people did indeed fear the unknown, this statement would be akin to locking eyes and spirit with that soul-rending horror which lurks unseen in the back of every human’s mind.

No, it is not what you cannot see in the Dark that you fear.

It is what you will see if you gaze long and hard into it. You will see that thing you “know” you will see. You will attempt to assuage that sting of fear in your mind by numbly assuring yourself that it is simply a figment of the rampant faculties of the subconscious.

It is not.

Yes, we fear the Dark for a reason.

The reason is not what you think it is.

The Foolhardiness of Bravado

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Many fellows, in their markedly-less-than infinite wisdom, choose to prove their gender and sexual orientation by seeking out a locale rumored to be frequented with events of the “supernatural.” What a loathsome and paradoxical term, “supernatural.” How can a thing be “above nature” when it is naturally occurring?

I digress.

Many such “brave” souls who set out in search of the nocturnal thrills of the unknown find that there is little to fear, despite the cold sweat they feel, and choose to take this evidence as the answer to whether or not the “supernatural” exists in our shared perception of the world.

What fools.

Indeed, if one steels themselves overmuch, such an individual may find that he or she never will see anything beyond the mundane. It is those that embrace their fear that find much more startling evidence supporting the possibility of earthly entities and energies beyond our current understanding.

Fear is more than a biological warning to impending danger; it is a sense, little different than the five most people are familiar with. To ignore one’s fear is to close one’s eyes to such secrets possessed of beauty beyond most mortals’ imaginations.

And so I impart this advice upon those who wish to confirm the existence of the “supernatural.”

Exalt yourself in your fear.

Stoke its fires and seek out the Darkness.

You will see such wonderful things.

The Holders

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Floating amidst the strangeness of the barely communicative rubbish commonly called the internet, some rare and strange things float to the surface; as does the human body once the proper gases have been generated thanks to the process of rigor mortis.

I digress.

There is a series of interesting stories called The Holders Series.

These stories are fairly formulaic and vague at best… however, there is a certain quality to them not far from what many believe to be “reality.”

Are they “true?” Of course not.

They’ve left out a great many steps, and the stakes are much, much higher than are even hinted at.

Much higher.

Go on, give them a look. They make for fine entertainment… but I don’t recommend trying any of them. While the most crucial steps have been omitted, it’s possible that a person attempting such foolery will indeed end up in dire straits.

Oh, yes, straits most dire.

One more thing, dear friends. If you choose to seek out these things, the items are not nearly as numerous as depicted here, and the rituals ringing with an iota of “truth” have been seeded among the many factless accounts. If you look deeply, perhaps you will see the thread connecting the “real” ones. Perhaps.

Read on, dear friends.

It’s so very fascinating.