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Fine Entertainment

Posted in The Abyss with tags , , , on August 20, 2008 by Mr. Welldone


Can one be simultaneously amused and disgusted?

Apparently so.

Humanity disgusts me for its constant squabbling for little pieces of paper, hierarchical conflicts for power that exists only in the imaginations of those involved, and the pointless use of lives in order to sustain nothing but a paltry level of comfort.

I am sickened.

And, yet, I am also entertained. It is like watching some cruel joke unfold. I sit, waiting for one among you to ascend to greater powers than known to the bulk of humanity, but so few are willing to aspire. So full of yourselves, so assured that you already know the workings of the universe.

You rob yourselves of the greatest of mysteries.

I cannot wait.

I cannot wait.

I cannot wait to see it all End.

I cannot wait to watch you scream and suffer.

A magnificent din of flesh being stripped from bone, which is then made to dance to the whims of the most horrifying destruction the sentient portion of the universe has borne witness to.

It will be a wonderful taste of vengeance for having been subjected to your monotony.

Yet, I still yearn for even one among you to attain the eyes with which to see the all of the cosmos.

But I also yearn to pluck your organs from their positions of safe functioning simply to relish the expression of pain and terror on your faces.

I wonder if I shall ever be so divided.

I wonder what I shall do when such divisions cease.

I cannot wait.

The Holders

Posted in The Surface with tags , , on June 24, 2008 by Mr. Welldone


Floating amidst the strangeness of the barely communicative rubbish commonly called the internet, some rare and strange things float to the surface; as does the human body once the proper gases have been generated thanks to the process of rigor mortis.

I digress.

There is a series of interesting stories called The Holders Series.

These stories are fairly formulaic and vague at best… however, there is a certain quality to them not far from what many believe to be “reality.”

Are they “true?” Of course not.

They’ve left out a great many steps, and the stakes are much, much higher than are even hinted at.

Much higher.

Go on, give them a look. They make for fine entertainment… but I don’t recommend trying any of them. While the most crucial steps have been omitted, it’s possible that a person attempting such foolery will indeed end up in dire straits.

Oh, yes, straits most dire.

One more thing, dear friends. If you choose to seek out these things, the items are not nearly as numerous as depicted here, and the rituals ringing with an iota of “truth” have been seeded among the many factless accounts. If you look deeply, perhaps you will see the thread connecting the “real” ones. Perhaps.

Read on, dear friends.

It’s so very fascinating.